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Feel more alive and turned on in your body and life. 

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This will impact every area of your life.

From orgasmic pleasure to emotional intimacy.

From partnership to community.

From wealth to purpose.

From health to lifestyle.

Because pleasure is your innate instinct and desire.

It's a part of who you are - it's how you were created - it's how you will create.

A life of pleasure starts with pleasure in your body. This is how you expand the capacity of your nervous system to receive love, orgasmic bliss, happiness, creativity, partnership, wealth...


All your desires come to fruition through the body.

Supporting you from absolutely every perspective. The all-encompassing approach - through nervous system regulation, tantra, neuroscience, body-mind connection & embodied sexuality.

Taking pleasure in the body to pleasure beyond - creating the ultimate life of pleasure. 

Lets do this!

Imagine this...

You gather up cosy & drop into chats with women from all around the world. 

Where the real & raw is asked. 

And it is not shamed. 

It is held, heard, resonated with & inspired. 

It’s allowed in you. 

Because it’s also in us. 

The questions, the pondering, the doubt, the thrill, the humanness. 

The courage & bravery to voice, the almost instant “freeing” in doing so, having other women hold & support you in that & then exploring it deeper together. 

It’s a kind of magic that can’t be put into words just yet - only felt. 

Here's what others are experiencing...

Emily, South Africa

"I’m currently watching the session on pleasure, tantra and dearmoring in the NNC where you speak about this exact thing! There is SO much value inside this membership, I’m loving it 😻 So many of my sexual experiences are also being so validated through this membership. I’ve always known that I’m SUPER numb and often experience pain (unless I’m literally using my one technique that works haha) but to understand that it’s the body’s way of protecting us is super powerful cause a lot of compassion can be brought into the experience. And the tools to undo that protective mechanism gently."

Kirsty, United Kingdom

"Just gotten my profile sorted and watched the first lesson. I'm honestly in floods of tears because I feel so relived that I've found somewhere to be held and teach me to hold myself in the exact way I've been craving for so many years. I have so much to work through and have honestly been feeling that it isn't possible for me to ever reconnect to my body after years of trauma recovery - this is the first time I feel truly hopeful and powerful. I also recently came off my contraceptive pill and this is the second bleed I've had on the exact same day as last month meaning that my first regular bleed in 10 years fell on the day I watched the first lesson. So excited for this journey with you."

Ulrike, South Africa

"Thank you for giving such freaking value in this membership. Shani, I am in awe of you and I want to commend you for staying true to a deep richness in your teachings and in what you offer. So many people in the sexuality space online, it just seems cheap and that they want a massive amount of followers. With you it seems I have found a teacher and a mentor that is truly in it for the right reaons and that I align to and it just has depth and above all ethics. It feels like I've come home to a teacher that understands me and that I actually value and feel like I can be honest and open with and nothing is wrong with me. So much love for you!"

The Investment

(valued at over $8000)


Receive everything you need to feel alive in your body,  pleasure & life.

Month to month


  • Instant access to NNC portal, knowledge, practices & supportive sisterhood.
  • 2 monthly live calls (1 hour each) - Group Coaching, Q&As, Rewildings, Guided Practices & more!
  • Monthly self-paced online course.
  • Guest Speakers & Expert Sessions.
  • Drop-in practice Library
  • Q&A Sessions & Library - your questions answered.
  • Private NNC Facebook Community.
  • Bonus: 6 Rewildings -  Guided Embodiment Practices.
  • Bonus: 6 powerful workshops on pleasure, tantra & intimacy. 
  • No contract - cancel any time!

This is where you receive more on more.

The gift that keeps on giving. 

While expanding to receive.

The level up

How different would your life look if you were connected to your body, your desire, your bliss, your pleasure?

Native Nude Collective Methodology

The all-encompassing approach:

Self-paced online courses.
Expert Coaching.
Exclusive Community.

The Foundations of the NNC

We'll be tapping into these topics together through online courses, live sessions & Q&A's.


Reprogramming the narrative of your body & mind to support your life of pleasure.


Cultivate understanding & connection to your emotions & their purpose to empower emotional maturity.


Witness, nourish and reparent the tender parts of self to empower your adult self. 


Re-establish and restore safety within your nervous system. Expand your sense of safety in self & with others.


Elevate intimacy through presence & pleasure. Take your pleasure way beyond physical to emotional, energetic, spiritual, intellectual & beyond.


Deeper understanding and embodiment of your own sexual thriving. Evolving your sex, pleasure and intimacy into more and multiple orgasms.  


Acknowledge and bring awareness to physical, mental and emotional blockages. Uncover the hidden, lost and denied sense of self.


Embrace & thrive through all seasons of life, love, sex & relationships. Experience deeper awakening with each season through the power of cyclical living.


Allow pleasure, intuition & body wisdom to create more direction, strategy & success in your business, career, purpose & projects. The grounded way of smashing timelines - with  ease. 


Create greater financial freedom through empowering the nervous system to receive. A deeper understanding of the energetics of wealth, safety & the nervous system. 


Deepen your relationship in intimacy, emotional connection, communication, sex, chemistry & playfulness by co-creating the core values and desires of your partnership.


Allow your pleasure to magnetize, support and create a life of pleasure. A deeper home coming to your own embodiment and desires through the whole self.

The live sessions

Each month there are 2 live sessions. Honeslty, you can't put a price on these.

These are made up of:

Q&A sessions (cause always the most potent to tap into what is most relevant for you right now),

Experience coaching while being witnessed and held by others (so powerful to be seen and here we learn through each other), 

Rewildings & drop in practices - guided embodiment practices.

Bonus sessions are added but you can expect a minimum of 2 sessions a month.


Sign up today & receive these bonuses! 


Q&A Library:

Rage, shame, shadow & relationship. 

People pleasing, partnership & pleasure.

Communicating during sex, intentional celibacy, masculine/feminine energy.

Boundaries, Voicing & Self-Pleasure.

Channeling creativity, Honouring Culture & Upbringing & Dating.

Sexual Health & Boundaries.

Breast Connection.



Trust & safety

Sexual healing

Sexual energy

Inner child


Emotional empowerment



Pain to pleasure with Health with Joanna

The power of pleasure with Integrative Healing

Yoni dearmouring, trauma & tantra with Sarah Warnaar

Self-pleasure & emotional releasing Ashley Frost

Pleasure & intimacy in parenthood with The Parenthub

Womb Yoga with Sol Yoga & Wellness

I'm ready for all this power!
Marite', Italy

"Safety is definitely the key word when Shani holds space for you. She has a profound respect for this work and for the client personal path which is exactly what is going to make the difference."

Jade, South Africa

"Every time I think I've experienced this, Shani fiercely and lovingly guides me even deeper into myself."

Angelique, Vietnam

"Shani is so raw, real and relatable. She exudes positivity, passion and knowledge - which made her a great guide through my self-revolution journey. Thank you Shani for creating this space to share your wisdom and welcome unapologetically embracing pleasure and power!"

Your reclamation.

Your Liberation.

At your discernment.

It gets to be like this

You feel alive in your body. 

You are connected to your pleasure, desire, sex and orgasm. 

You embrace & thrive in every season of life. 

You have intimate, emotional and sexual depth within your partnership. 

You have more pleasure in all of life - from the bedroom to the boardroom.

You feel safe & more confident in your worth & boundaries.

You have a deeper understanding of yourself. 

You have practices, tools and processes to support you throughout life.

You are surrounded by likeminded women that support, celebrate and thrive through the real & raw.

You get the most out of your life.

Join the NNC

Streamline & support your process.

We're deep diving. To all the edges.

Together. Mirrors. Visionaries.


The living breathing container that every woman longs for...


A life of pleasure is yours for the taking.

Join women from all around the world

I've had plenty initiations into creating a deeper understanding of this work first hand.

And that is my gift. Processing and integrating life's experiences and traumas through this work has allowed the depth of my pain to accelerate the depth of my pleasure.

Which is how I know...

That you don't have to remain in victim, survival, settling, trauma, freeze, flight or fawn mode.

Your stories do not define you - your body and nervous system does. You create all desires through the body, emotions and energetics. 

Your pleasure has the power to heal, transform and create. 

Many have catapulted into a life of pleasure through this work... almost wildly so!

That is how I know you can too.

Join me on this journey

Meet the Founder

Hey, I'm Shani. Here for the real and raw. For the messiness and expansion of the human experience.


More about Shani

Shani has essentially created what she wished she had!

She has spent years studying, learning, traveling & teaching all around the world - everything that you're about to receive.

She went the long way round and now she is here to simplify and support your process.

Because the truth is, it gets to be easy and pleasurable.

Society complicates it but here we're doing it in a way that turns you on!

Shani is the founder of Native Nude & now the mama to the NNC membership! 

The brains behind the Native Nude Reprogramming Process & the 12 Foundations of a Life of Pleasure.

Shani is a VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach & is specializing in Female Sexuality & Tantric Sex.

She has studied with leading experts in womb sciences, sacred sexuality and energetics.

Shani also holds a Business Honours Cum Laude. 

She loves merging brains with the body. She believes this is the ultimate source to a life of pleasure and freedom.

Her work has reached and impacted thousands around the world.

I'm so ready!

Words from the women you'll journey with...

I'm so ready for this journey!